Training and Testing of 6G, ARC and Argon Gas Welders

H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd., offers trade test, interview and certification programs to welders in various processes such as MMAW, GMAW, GTAW, SAW, Brazing and Gas welding. Our services are constantly updated as per the current market standards. Our training programs are of three levels: Beginners, experienced and Specialist. We undertake trade test and certification programs in 6g pipe welding in various positions, Plate welding, welding metal joints techniques for experienced but uncertified welders working in industry, who are looking for overseas placements, promotions, Gulf jobs, or to start their own business.

H.R. Technical Trade centre Pvt. Ltd., as a member of a globally renowned business conglomerate – H.R. Group of Companies – runs a full-fletched trade test institute in New Delhi city for welding education, and certification programs for candidates who want to professionalize their skills in various fields of 6g, Tig Welding, Mig Welding, Arc and Argon gas welding.

We specialize in shaping careers of modern welders with the sole objective of helping global industries by supplying certified welders in different fields. We organize client interviews, offering candidates a lifetime opportunity to demonstrate their skills and gain maximum exposure among industry experts and overseas clients for career counseling and job placements.

Trade testing services of candidates have been set up in order to assess who have acquired skills, knowledge and competence, after the completion of training program in a particular welding category. Candidates are trained and tested on various parameters like visual perception, chemical tests to check welding cracks, RT, X-ray, safety Precautions, tool handling, and other inspections. These tests will be performed on the pipes and plates depending on the course selection. Candidates are required to pass various tests of pipe welding in different sitting positions.

We also provide tailor-made training programs in various welding techniques that suit the requirements of a specific industry. Such programs and courses are finalized after a mutual discussion upon candidate’s respective requirements.


  • Govt. Authorized Trade Test Center
  • Approved by NSDC, PMKVY, CSDCI, BSDM, UK and Quality Council of India- NABET IIW-
  • Quality welder’s training by qualified instructors
  • Job Assistance after training
  • 6G MIG/MAG welding training
  • Training and course in 6G ARGON/TIG welding
  • Trade Test facility equipped with 6000 Sq.Ft. area for indoor testing and training.
  • Expertise on Pipe welding training
  • Training on all common metals
  • Job-oriented training for all with or without welding knowledge
  • Many successful candidates working in GCC and Middle-East countries.

Technical Services

  • Job consultancy services
  • Training, assessment and certification of welding professionals as per various standards of (IS, AWS, ASME etc.) SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, SAW, Brazing & Gas welding.
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing, Metallurgic research and failure analysis.
  • Welder skill up gradation program to meet the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Unfortunately, not all the trade test centre in India offer pipe welding training to help candidates pass the 6G, Arc and Argon Gas weld test. Many others do not provide training in pipe welding as part of their course curriculum. Here at H.R. Technical Trade Centre, we provide an astounding array of skill development programs in all welding categories including 6G welding classes for pipe welding techniques.

  • Introduction to safety equipment and their use
  • Introduction and Principles of Pipe Welding
  • Setting up of Arc Welding plants
  • Tungsten electrode, Types, sizes, and uses.
  • Type of shielding gases
  • Advantages of root pass welding of pipes by TIG welding
  • Arc length - Types of power source, Polarity and its effects,
  • Striking and making straight and weaving beads in all position by MMAW.
  • Weld joint preparation on plate
  • Groove welding on plate in 1G & 2G positions
  • Groove welding on plate in 3G & 4G positions
  • Preparation of pipe joint for pipe welding
  • Welding of pipes in 1G & 2G position
  • Setting up of Arc Welding and TIG Welding plants
  • Striking and making straight g beads in all position by TIG.
  • Root welding of pipes in 5G position by TIG Welding
  • Intermediate and cover pass welding in 5G position by MMAW
  • Root welding of pipes in 6G position by TIG
  • Intermediate and cover pass welding in 6G position by MMAW
  • Identification of defects by Visual inspection & correction of defects