Why Skill Training :

AS we all are familiar with the fact that we are among the young countries of the world and second most populous country after China and abundance of the youth population in India is nowhere seem to be decreasing any soon – moreover, we will soon outnumber China in terms of population in the next couple of years. So, how are we going to satisfy the employment needs of billions of people living in India? The solution is simple and straightforward – Overseas job Placements, but that requires extensive skills and knowledge of great precision to secure a well-paying job in abroad. Still, there is lot can be done if we can guide the potential young population and make it workable. The only problem, however, is most of the people aren’t enough skilled to take up the job right after schools and colleges, what they particularly lack is practical technical skills and experiences that are the primary demands of global employment sectors nowadays.

As a premier capacity building institution ‘H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd’, we have launched several initiatives to provide candidates a genuine opportunity to nurture their potential skills and offered them a platform on which they can demonstrate their capabilities to make an impression of valuable quality under the close observation of overseas clients. Our primary target is not of developing temporary skills for short-term jobs but to focus on raising lifetime skills to improve the employability factors of a candidate because development of practical technical skills is the motivating force of the economic and social growth of any individual. The demand for specialized professional skills both theoretically and practically have gained momentum in last decade and given the increasing pace of globalization and career competitions. We too, are closely monitoring the demands to create tailor-made training program as per the manpower demands for technical personnel in the market. Certification courses, State-of-the-art infrastructure and skilled faculties are some of the notable factors to target potential candidates and encourage them to invest time and efforts for personal development. Today, employers are taking the interview process more seriously despite reviewing CVs or academic credentials; they are more focused on identifying the practical skills and experiences of a candidate and their ability to adapt to the environment are some of the widely-used methods to find out whether the candidate is suitable for the profile or not.

Skill training programs can be considered as a potent device to enhance the candidate’s practical knowledge, improve their problem-solving skills and give them a head start in their career as well as give them a competitive edge during interviews, especially in the case of overseas placements. It is the primary ingredient to prepare candidates for technical challenges of real world and empowers them to be a part of an efficient workforce of any company and improves their hiring possibilities. Skill development creates the backbone of candidate’s professional life and encourages them to go for a better job in abroad. It also acts as an instrument to thrust the production possibilities and take the growth of any business entity to a maximum level.

Why H.R. Technical Trade Centre?

Now, H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd. can do much better in providing training , testing and interview services for candidates in a single package for comprehensive assistance in building careers, skill certification and enable candidates to gain maximum exposure in various technical fields. Since our inception in 2009, we have done a commendable job in boosting the nations’ technical skills, supporting the employment sectors of various countries and offering workers a global platform to exhibit their skills, create an impression of quality to make them employable.