Testing Gypsum, Tiles, Marble and Plaster Mason

H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd. has designed training and testing programs with intentions to teach construction labors who are interested in raising their Masonry skills in fixing wall tiles, marble blocks, gypsum, and plaster. Plastering is a physically demanding work which requires extensive strength such as lifting heavy materials, standing, bending and reaching overhead for a longer period while maintaining the balance of your body. The program is designed to give students a basic knowledge of arithmetic computation and their applications, also help them to get a clear understanding of safety measures in the trade because the work could be dusty and dirty, and plaster materials may irritate your eyes and skin due to its chemical compositions. We also provide valuable testing services to identify the worker’s ability to participate in construction, maintenance, replace and repair work of ceilings and wall tiles, patching holes in dry walls, laying cement and marble blocks for interior flooring, and exterior roofing.

Our aim is to teach and certify masonry skills of a candidate through a job-oriented training and testing program as per our standard education policies to help them excel in their career. We are devoted to producing operative plasterers and cement mason workers, helping candidates to develop, nurture, test and promote their masonry skills on a global stage among foreign clients, providing manpower consultancy to enable them secure overseas job opportunities for themselves.

Through in-depth testing exercises, we analyze their quality of work in all construction projects and their preparedness in other works such as mixing materials, handling tools involved in repair of cracks, tiles, floors and walls and safety measures. Also, we aim to ensure their abilities in eradicating leakage in walls, laying multiple coating of plasters for fireproofing as well, finishing works and interior decoration. We evaluate their ability to quickly adapt to any construction project, focus on occupational hazards and safety precautions applicable to the trade. We provide certifications in order to boost their employability factors, career prospects, and their skills as per the current industry standards and rising demands of Mason workers in the field after the completion of training programs and multiple quality analysis, assessments and testing practices.

Additionally, we test our student’s skills on countless stages such as Interior and exterior plastering, ornamental plastering, mathematical computation, time management skills, stamina, sign reading, blueprint reading, lathing, manual dexterity, safety measures, tool handling, mortar spreading, cement and tile setting, decorative stucco works and physical abilities.