Structure Welder Training and Testing

H.R. International is a popular trade test facility centered in New Delhi, India. It is one of the best training and testing institutes of structural welding. We are specialized in providing training, testing and interview facilities for all kind of welders Including Tig Welder, Mig welder and Arc Welder, and give them a platform to demonstrate their professional skills among industry experts and foreign clients and secure themselves healthy job opportunities in a reputed company or start their own business. We also provide certification programs to improve the employability factors and career prospects of Structural welding experts, and enable them to find jobs in various construction projects for the roles of building welders, tunnel welders, bridge welders, etc.

Our laboratory and workshop are designed with State-of-the-art technique to provide candidates a comfortable environment to learn and test structural welding skills, offering third-party laboratory testing services for welding qualification, flexible testing schedules for practical testing under the close observation of experienced and qualified instructors. A structural welder erects, cuts, joins, and repairs girders, beams, columns and other building components to form complete structure or framework. Our training and testing procedures are usually developed in accordance to provide details of industrial welding codes or standards that require weld samples be produced, inspected and tested to ensure the overall qualification.

H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd., is a fully equipped skill training and testing service provider with complete in-house resources to identify the candidate’s ability to work in various conditions. The centre has the provisions of around 6000 Sq.Ft. of working space, furniture, welding equipments, Lab facilities, Transformer/rectifier, inverter power source, Gas cutting torch with nozzle oxygen gas, Ag4 grinding machines, Tungsten electrode Thoriated/Zircon & Split copper collett, Tog and Arc weld machines, Gas regulator and heater, Mig Kempi welding machine (500 amps), well-furnished air-conditioned and elegant cabins for face-to-face interviews, etc.

Safety Regulations

  • Our Institute has all safety regulations.
  • We ensure that welding equipment that is available is in suitable condition.
  • Fire distinguishers are available as per safety regulation.
  • Welding hand gloves, Apron and safety shoes are provided.
  • Sufficient water container is available.
  • Maintenance of Housekeeping is done regularly.
  • First aid arrangements are available

Our primary focus is to verify that a welding test is reviewed in detailed, then, testing and inspection produced on welds meets the necessary requirement for the qualification, and to certify the skills of a structural welder who can properly produce a weld to specifications. We have employed several testing processes like visual inspections, mechanical testing, Chemical testing, metallurgical examination, destructive and non-destructive testing for detailed verification of skills. We also assist foreign employers or clients with preparation of welding qualification tests of candidates for employment purposes.

After the completion of our training and testing program in welding services, you will be certified to participate in various roles of a professional welder such as

  • 1. Perform welding operations from various departments with the help welding equipments such as welding torches and arc.
  • 2. Analyze and identify defective equipments and repair them
  • 3. Analyze speed and length of welding arc for all welding process.
  • 4. Administer various components and perform welding of clamps, holdings and bolts as per the specifications.
  • 5. Maintain disc grinder and perform all cleaning and grinding of metals.
  • 6. Managing Manual welding machines, metal cutting, hand tools, for various processes.
  • 7. Monitor all welding operations and ensure absence of any shrinkage and distortion to material
  • 8. Replace, clean and weld various types of metal.
  • 9. Ensure quality and clean weld joints in various construction projects.
  • 10. Operate various manual and automated welding equipments for welding work
  • 11. Assemble all components with help of power and hand tools.